Make Up Good Passwords: A ?Method That Works Everytime

This was originally posted on February 6, 2016 and is currently being updated.

It is SO important to make up good passwords because often the first thing we see when going to a site is?

Enter your username and password.

Oh No! Here we go again. Is it the cat?s name or my nickname or my mother?s maiden name? ?Help! Another Username and Password crisis.

I have a bad case of ?? Password Amnesia.

In the process of signing up for all sorts of things online, and I suspect my experience is much the same as others, I had all sorts of cutesy and peculiar passwords (in the beginning of password time) and then when they were already claimed or in use I would put a 1 or 2 at the end.

Help! I Have Password Amnesia

I sort of ignored the fact that this was getting out of control until I was spending a fair bit of time resetting passwords.

This was time consuming and usually meant waiting for an email, going to the original site, resetting the password and then, voila, I could get into the site but also had another new password to deal with.

My main method of coping with this would be hoping that the web browser I was using would remember the password but over the years I have changed web browser, Internet Explorer, Firefox, Chrome, they all have slightly different methods for remembering and storing passwords.

However? all is not lost.

Make Up Good Passwords That You Will Remember

There is a super simple way to make up good passwords that you will never forget and can be changed slightly for different sites.

We know that for reasons of internet security and identity theft it is important to make up good passwords that are not likely to be guessed or hacked.

How to set up a strong password


We tend to feel so confident using the internet for shopping and banking and there is no denying that it is extremely convenient, so it is more important than ever to take safety measures when safeguarding your own interests.

This includes thinking carefully about the passwords you will choose.

In 2013, Adobe had a data breach where millions of passwords were compromised and very worriedly the most common passwords were still consecutive numbers and the commonly used ?password? (I have been guilty of this one in the past).

Whereas password theft used to be relatively uncommon it now happens on a large scale and it really is a warning to us all to take more care. So although we know it would be advisable to be taking more care, it seems that in reality many of us, are not.

You might think that changing all of your passwords will be a monumental job and is it worth it. ?Personally, I think it is but there is no need to do it all at once. That could be a logistical nightmare.

Here is the exact method to make up good passwords

For safety sake, let?s assume the password needs to be at least 8 characters (preferably more, so go for 9 or 10) ?with upper and lower case letters plus numbers and symbols.


First of all, think of a phrase, saying, verse or poem that has meaning to you.


I have chosen ? Think Outside The Square


Take the first letter of each word

so now we have ??tots


Capitalize the first letter

so now we have Tots


Add a number that has significance for you

so now we have Tots158


This website is called Blogging for Newbies so I will use the first three letters

so now we have ????Tots158blo


Add a symbol or two

so now we have ?????Tots158blo@


The clever part of this method is that the password stays exactly the same except for the three letters from the name of the website.

Apply this method to whatever website you are joining. The password will be different for each site but will have the same core features.

Are you getting the idea? The base password stays the same.

Each password has an identifying feature as described above which is added to the base password.

This way you have a unique and very good password.

Take these steps to make up good passwords

  1. Think of a saying and use the first letter from each word. Mix upper and lower case letters
  2. Add some number
  3. Add an identifying feature for the site you are visiting.
  4. Add some symbols



How to Make Up Good Passwords


It DOES work and it is such a relief to come to a site that you ?haven?t been to in some time and know that you will not have a problem with the password.

How Do I Keep Track Of All My Passwords?

Once you have the core part of the password memorised it will be an easy matter to just add the identifying letters of the website you are logging in to and password amnesia will be gone forever.

So with this method you don?t need to keep track of lots of passwords because it is easy to remember and it just changes slightly for each site.

Give it a go.

Make it a priority.

Allocate 15 minutes to making up a password.

You won?t need to write it down if you have thought about each part so that it is meaningful to you.

For banking or sensitive info sites use something totally different and once again don?t write it down and do change it often, every three months or so. ?Think of it as insurance for yourself.

The really big plus to all of this is that you will always be able to remember your password no matter what site you visit.

What about usernames you say?

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