Take Ten Minutes To Get Started with Quick Install and WordPress

Quick Install and WordPress Really Works

This was originally posted on February 26, 2016 and is being updated.?

These instructions will show you

  1. How to log into cPanel
  2. Where to find Quick Install in cPanel
  3. How to use Quick Install to install WordPress

Log in to the Cpanel

Forgotten how to log into cPanel? ?

No problems.

Find the email your hosting provider sent you with the log in details for cPanel.

In the meantime, if you can?t remember how to log into cPanel it is always

This will take you to the log in for cPanel which looks like this

How to start a WordPress blog from scratch


You will need the log in details to access cPanel. The log in details are in the email from your hosting provider.

Log in to cPanel.

Where to find Quick Install in cPanel

Scroll down until you find ?the box called Software and Services.

It looks like this.

Hostgator - Quick Install - WordPress

Click on Quick Install as shown in the image.

Now you will be taken to Quick Install.

In the left sidebar find and click on WordPress.

quick install 1


Choose the FREE option.

How to start a WordPress blog from scratch

QuickInstall and WordPress Installation

Use the graphic as a guide to add the information about your site.

Install WordPressThings to Note:

If you are a total newbie it is most likely that you will be installing on the root directory so leave the information as shown in the graphic with the second box blank.

Don?t use ?admin? as the Admin User. ?Think of something that will be memorable to only you and not easily guessed.

You can change the title of your blog at a later date.

Almost Done!

Now click Install WordPress and the WordPress installation will begin.

Once the installation is complete you will receive an email from your web host provider.

The email will have the WordPress log in details for your new site.

WordPress and QuickInstall


Now you are really ready to start some serious blogging

Now that you have QuickInstall and WordPress covered, the next step will be to take a look behind the scenes at The Dashboard of your blog.

This is where all the work takes place.

Get ready to Rock the Casbah!

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